Four nursing methods for diarrhea in children


Four nursing methods for diarrhea in children

We all know that diarrhea in children is a very common phenomenon, and many children will have symptoms of diarrhea.

Pediatric diarrhea can cause physical discomfort, then how is diarrhea in children?

What are the nursing methods for diarrhea in children?

Let’s take the moms together to find out.

The four major nursing methods for diarrhea in children, timely hydration of children with diarrhea, timely replenishment of water, prevention and correction of dehydration: especially for children with acute watery stool diarrhea, parents can give children a variety of convenient, pediatric can,Effective liquids, such as breast milk, milk, yogurt, rice soup, gruel, vegetable farm, boiled water, etc., should be fed as long as the child wants to drink.

How to use: Children younger than 2 years old, 1?
Feed 1 teaspoon in 2 minutes; older children can drink directly from the cup. If the child vomits, stop for 10 minutes and then slowly feed the child, every 2?
Feed 1 scoop in 3 minutes until the diarrhea stops.

Second, oral rehydration salts relieve diarrhea in children, and pulling water like egg flower pattern, will lead to a large loss of water in the body, and dehydration, so in order to avoid dehydration, parents can add high-efficiency and convenient oral rehydration salts (referred to as ORS)), generally available in major hospitals or large pharmacies, for prescription drugs, the specific dosage is used under the guidance of a physician as needed, usually once every diarrhea, after taking water instead.

The diarrhea stopped immediately and stopped to prevent hypernatremia.

Third, the abdomen to keep warm If the child’s diarrhea is relatively mild, and there are no other symptoms, then basically it should be cold or a little indigestion, then you need to add some clothes to the child, especially to put some things on his abdomen to prevent cold, thenDrink a little salt water to ease.

Fourth, adjust diet 1, children with severe diarrhea, and with vomiting can temporarily fast 4?
6 hours, you can feed some warm salt water, after the condition is slightly stable, continue to slow from less to more food.

2, no vomiting need to add enough protein, protein and vitamins, suitable for liquid or semi-liquid less slag diet, you can choose millet porridge, noodles, juice, apples, crushed lean meat and eggs, fish.

3, avoid eating more slag foods such as spinach, leeks, celery.

Avoid gas-producing foods such as beans, radishes, pumpkins, milk and dairy products to prevent flatulence.

Avoid irritating food.

The above foods can stimulate the intestines and accelerate bowel movements, so it is not suitable for consumption.

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