Stay away from picky eaters and let your baby order

Stay away from picky eaters and let your baby “order”

When facing such problems, most teachers and parents will firmly believe that every food we choose at the dining table is considered from the perspective of the healthy growth of young children, so “picking up food” is not the right of young children.
But some nutritionists in the West provide us with another perspective on this kind of problem-they think that happiness is more important than eating.
  Most children have no “prejudices” about the dishes on the table. They love cucumbers today and winter melon tomorrow. As long as they are fresh, they will love them.
Many children also have a bad memory of food. They said that they did not like food last week, and they will eat delicious next week!
Therefore, you don’t have to fight with your child for what he eats, nothing to eat, and finally the child can only eat with tears.
The child does not like to eat carrots, so he can eat pumpkin, because both are rich in carotene; the child does not like to drink milk, he can let him drink yogurt, because they are both excellent sources of calcium.
There are at least dozens of vegetables in the vegetable farm. The nutritional value of these vegetables is similar, and children should have the right to choose what to eat.
What’s more, of course, the dishes you “order” are more delicious.
  In addition, as teachers and parents, of course, it is their responsibility to educate children about diet and nutrition.
But this kind of education does not have to be reflected on the dining table. We can infiltrate it when we take our children to purchase, and when we let them help in the kitchen.
If you bring a plate of fried carrot shreds, say to your child, “No picky eaters, no carrots.
“That child’s good mood is ruined by you.
The dining table should pay attention to the dining atmosphere and teach the children the etiquette of dining.
  Prescriptions for treating “eclipse” (prescription 1): Hunger controls the children’s snack supply and replaces the “laissez-faire system” with regular and quantitative “supply system”.
You can arrange appropriate activities for your child to make the child feel hungry before meals, so that he will be hungry.
  Prescription 2: Changing the staple food and non-staple food often changes the pattern, you should learn to use the color, aroma and shape of food to seduce your baby.
In this way, before the entrance, the child will have appetite through vision and smell, and his digestive juice will be secreted in advance. After eating the food, he will feel particularly delicious.
  Prescription 3: Parents with concubines should not be partial to eclipse.
After the meals are served, you should take the lead to applaud and eat with interest, so that you can attract the baby’s tapeworms.
  Recipe 4: Add more combo dishes with, because vegan can match each other’s taste.
For example, change the scrambled eggs to tomato scrambled eggs, and change the braised pork liver to sweet pepper stir-fried pork liver.
  Recipe 5: Stuffing stuffed vegetables and meat to make stuffing.
Dumplings are the most “tolerant”, with food, vegetables, and meat. Let your children eat more.
  Prescription 6: Check if your child has a severe eclipse, you must go to the hospital to check.
Anemia, zinc deficiency, and parasites all affect people’s “taste”.
It is worth mentioning that if there is no physical reason found, it is also necessary to check whether a psychological factor has caused the child to have a partial eclipse.
  别给孩子随便戴上“偏食”的帽子  合理、平衡的膳食应该包括这几类食物,也就是膳食宝塔的那几层:五谷加薯类、蔬菜水果、鱼禽肉蛋、牛奶大豆及其制品.
Therefore, strictly speaking, a child can only be regarded as a “partial eclipse” if he eats little or no food of a certain type (or a certain layer).
In daily life, if your child has any of the following “symptoms”, you should pay attention to whether the child is “partial eclipse”.
  Symptom 1: Every time you eat, do not eat rice or pasta in a small bowl, you will be full if you eat meat.
  Symptom 2: When you see green vegetables, you either do n’t eat it, or you vomit in your mouth.
  Symptom 3: I like to eat eggs the most. I have to eat at least three or four a day.
It’s always difficult to shit.
  Symptom four: gluttony fried food, eat at one time can top the amount of meals a day.
  Symptom 5: I like to drink milk, eat yogurt, suck “milkshake”, and eat unruly.
  Of course, there are also people who like to eat water rice and not eat vegetables, etc. They also belong to babies with a tendency to eat partial.

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