Giving your baby more food is good for your baby’s growth.


Giving your baby more food is good for your baby’s growth.

Sweet potato is a coarse grain, and it is very beneficial for the baby to grow more for the baby to eat coarse grains.

銆€銆€Recipe raw materials candied dates, sweet potatoes, glutinous rice flour production method 1.

Cut the candied dates with a knife and use them.


Huang Xiner sweet potato is peeled and cooked, hot and crushed with a spoon back, add glutinous rice flour, and into a dough.

Spread on the chopping board and smash it into pieces.

Lay the chopped jujubes.


Roll it up, roll it into a roll, pinch the mouths of the two ends, and put them on the baking paper. If there is no baking paper, you can also apply oil on the plate, and then put the rolled rolls on the plate.

At the time of the roll, if the sweet potato dough sticks to the chopping board and it is not easy to roll, you can use a knife to stick the chopping board and carefully shovel the dough.


If you use a common pot, add water to the pot, put the plate in the drawer, put the drawer on the pot, and turn off the heat after steaming.

I used a waterless pot, and I experimented with this “steaming” method: soak the towel in water, do not screw it, put it directly in the pot, and put the sweet potato roll wrapped in the baking paper on the towel.

Open the fire.


Wait for the waterless pot to start to scream (or some of the waterless pots do not have a squeaking function, then wait until you see the gas), turn the squealing hole to the off position, turn to a small fire, simmer for about 10 minutes until the sweet potato rolls are cooked.You can turn off the fire.


Absolutely steamed in an ordinary pot or steamed in a water-free pot, please wait until the roll is completely dry and then sliced.

銆€銆€Applicable people: 2 years and a half baby

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