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What is the surgery to lose weight?

Surgical treatment of obesity, including various weight loss techniques for treating obesity and complications, can only be used as an auxiliary measure for various comprehensive weight loss therapies, but can not replace reasonable diet control, Chinese and Western medicine treatment, but can not replace the purpose of bodybuilding.Exercise therapy.

Otherwise, it is difficult to obtain the desired effect by relying on some means of weight loss instead of comprehensive weight loss measures.

銆€銆€At the same time as taking comprehensive weight loss measures, local liposuction works best.

In the past, the method of partial weight loss and fat removal was only abdominal wall formation, and then the vacuum suction method was invented, that is, accidental capture.

Since the force of the simple negative pressure only acts on the weak area, the suction is slightly uneven, resulting in uneven local unevenness.

In recent years, researchers have also developed an ultrasonic micro-shaping instrument to reduce fat.

The working principle is that by ultrasonic vibration, a strong impact is generated, and alternating positive and negative pressures are generated in each vibration cycle, so that the unbearable cell membrane is subjected to internal pressure, and when the cell membrane reaches the tolerance limit, it is broken, thereby reducingA slight number of cells.

Different frequencies, power, and vibration displacement of the ultrasonic wave, and the maximum damage is achieved when the natural frequency of the target and the frequency of the acoustic wave are caused.

When a fine powder shaper is used to remove fine tissues from the body.

When pulverized with low-concentration brine and distilled water, the weight (weight) and volume were weighed separately. As a result, the slight tissue block was significantly reduced, the color changed from yellow to white, the residual tissue was dense, and the powder liquid was slightly spilled, and the tissue weight was slight.And the volume is reduced by four-fifths, the effect is far more than the average aunt.

In general, the principle of ultra-fine plastic shaping device to lose weight is to use the specific wavelength of ultrasound to selectively destroy tiny cells, while protecting the nerve vessels, to achieve the best degreasing effect, and to minimize substitution.

It is especially suitable for patients whose body weight is not over standard and which is not beautiful due to local obesity.

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