These kinds of overnight dishes must not be eaten

These kinds of overnight dishes must not be eaten

Many people are tired of eating lunch in the restaurant and don’t want to eat outside, so they choose to bring their own lunch.

I do n’t want to get up early in the morning, so I cooked it the night before, and the next day, bringing rice became the choice of most people. After one night’s storage and one morning’s storage, the nutrition loss in the food was more serious.

Most people know that overnight dishes are harmful. Actually, different dishes are different in magnitude.

Today I compiled some uneatable overnight dishes for everyone. Did you win?

  A few dishes that must not be eaten overnight: 1. Whether eggs and eggs can be eaten overnight, depending on whether it is heated, and the eggs must be cooked when the eggs are first boiled.After it is cooked, it is no problem to cook it overnight. The tea egg is the same. You may not know that the tea egg is cooked twice, the first time is cooked, the second time the egg skin is broken and the tea is addedWait for the ingredients and cook again, so the tea eggs are definitely cooked.

Some people like to eat half-boiled and half-boiled eggs (the yolk is semi-liquid) and the eggs cannot be eaten overnight. Even if they are cooked a second time, do not eat them.

  2. Spinach Because spinach has the highest nitrate content in vegetables 3, seafood fish and seafood are prone to produce protein degradation products overnight, which will damage liver and kidney function.

  4, lochi and bad products to prevent food poisoning, do not eat lochi bad products overnight in spring and summer.

Lochi in bulk must be eaten the same day, not overnight.

Even food in the refrigerator is not absolutely safe.

The refrigerator is prone to mold and cold bacteria.

  5, Tremella soup Tremella soup is a high-level nutritional supplement, but with one drop, the nutritional components will be reduced and harmful components will be produced.

After being cooked for a long time, under the decomposition of bacteria, nitrate will be reduced to nitrite.

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