Loofah is a beauty juice of the juice


Loofah is a beauty juice of the juice

After mid-April every year, it is the season of loofah, which can last until August and September.

Loofah is an all-rounder of nutrition. Its meat, flowers, skin and roots all have different effects.

銆€銆€Vice President of the Drug Therapy Research Association of Hubei Province, Professor Gan Aiping of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduced that loofah is cool and sweet, with heat and phlegm, detoxification, cooling blood to stop bleeding, phlegm and blood circulation, lower milk, beauty and anti-cancer effects.Such medications may cause shortness of breath, impaired milk, fever, polydipsia, sore muscles, blood in the stool and other complications.

The loofah B vitamin has a brain-building effect; it also contains saponins and has a certain cardiotonic effect.

銆€銆€The loofah’s melon is tender and tender. When cooking, mix well and stew.

And its melon root, melon vine, melon leaf, melon flower, melon can be eaten or used as medicine.

Especially in the hotel, the cold gourd tip (also known as loofah vine) is often used to penetrate the tongs and activate the cough and phlegm; the loofah flower can clear away heat and detoxification; the loofah leaves can clear the heat and relieve the heat, and the external use is anti-inflammatory and bactericidal.The treatment of scorpion acne; loofah root also has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, to the role of saprophytic muscle; loofah is often used to treat chest rib pain, muscle soreness and other symptoms; loofah juice has clean skin, beauty effects, for the treatment of skin pigmentationTo play a certain role, there is the title of “beauty water”.

銆€銆€Gan Aiping Ping, the loofah is suitable for a wide range of people, especially for long-term consumption of women who are breathing and coughing, menstrual irregularities or postpartum milk.

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