Summer health care gymnastics


Summer health care gymnastics

Lead: Guided surgery is a routine health care gymnastics. It is a health-care method based on limb movements and breathing.

Through the traditional guiding technique to exercise the heart, do not care for the body, do not hurt the body fluid, long-term adherence to the body is extremely beneficial.

Chinese medicine experts pointed out that the weather is hot, people are restless, tired and weak, and because the cardiovascular function of the human body is most sensitive to temperature changes, therefore, the summer and autumn turn is a good season for cardiovascular disease, health care may wish to try guidance, bothCan regulate emotions, but also protect the heart and be healthy.

Two appropriate and easy to guide techniques 1. Naturally supplement or take a sitting posture, relax the body, make a fist in one hand, straighten the little finger, and then flex and stretch the little finger 81 times, alternating the two hands.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory believes that the sports little finger can stimulate the nervous system, strengthen the brain and prevent optic nerve atrophy.

2, micro-closed eyes sitting cross-legged, sit and adjust the breath, so that the breathing is even and gentle, the eyes look down at the nose to keep awake, and then count the number of breaths, to be naturally light, continuous, breathing deep,Fine, long, even, count to tens of, and experience heart fire, refreshing, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease patients should be placed on the abdomen undulations, practice perseverance, the crown caused by excessive pressureHeart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases, the effect is particularly significant.

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