Cultivating the Heart + Keeping the Body is the perfect health

“Cultivating the Heart + Keeping the Body” is the perfect “health”

With the advancement of the times, people are paying more and more attention to ecologically healthy lifestyles while paying more attention to health care, from raising their hearts and maintaining their bodies, to raising their hearts, to cultivate their sexuality, and ultimately to achieve the purpose of health.
In China’s traditional health regime, mental food is far more important than material nutrition, emotional exercise is much better than physical exercise, and mental balance is greater than physiological balance. Therefore, since ancient times, it is necessary to raise a famous saying: to raise the body must first raise the heart., won the hearts of the people.
The key to nourishing the heart is to be a word and deed, to cultivate one’s noble moral quality, to jump out of the self-centered outlook on life, to faintly pursue the fame and fortune, and to integrate the cultivation of mind, we need a carrier to achieve a state of maintaining good heart.鏄績澧冿紝濡傝嫢璇磋壇濂界殑蹇冩€佺姽濡備竴棰楃伒涓瑰鑽紝閭e績澧冧究鏄慨鐐间究鏄壙杞借繖棰楄嵂涓哥殑鐐间腹鐐夛紝鑰佷汉鑻ユ槸娌℃湁涓€涓ソ鐨勫績澧冿紝閭e績鎬х殑 鐨勪慨鐐间究鍙兘鏄浘閲岀湅鑺憋紝Looking at the moon in the water, how can we create a good state of mind for ourselves? It’s an excellent way to smile when you smile and smile. It’s always a smile that keeps you smiling, not only makes you forget your worries, you can get rid of your troubles, you can also make peopleThe mood is getting better and the spirit is uplifting. Not only that, but when we develop a good habit of smiling every year, we will feel filled with joy and full of confidence.
Often think about the beautiful scene, the beautiful natural scene can make people feel happy, and the troubles are naturally swept away.
When we can’t experience this wonderful feeling in person, we can take the space imagination, let our hearts fly over time and space, blend in with the heart of nature, the ancient high cloud: calm and raise the spirit.
When we put our minds in a beautiful scene, the unpleasant emotions in life will disappear with the mind and body.
Listening to healthy music, a healthy piece of music can regulate people’s emotions, cultivate people’s sentiments, cultivate people’s will, when we are in a bad mood, when the mood is low, choose appropriate music appreciation, not only can get bad emotionsSuppression can make our spirits more exciting, and our mood is greatly improved. Don’t forget that sick diseases seem to be connected with people’s minds. If we forget it, he will rarely clean our bodies, and when we are unreasonably worriedAt the time, he would just come to the door. If the elderly want to expel the disease, they must let their minds firmly remember the word health in their hearts, believe in their own body, and believe that they have a heart that resists disease.
Don’t remember aging, although we can’t change the physiological age, but the psychological age can be our own. When our psychological age is only 20 years old, the mentality will be much younger, the mood will be happy, and the physiological adjustment will be smoother and more natural.It also achieves the effect of delaying aging.
Don’t remember the troubles, the troubles are born from the heart, the messy and irritating emotions will interfere with our cultivation of mind and body. When we encounter troubles, he will keep in mind that there is no benefit at all, such as throwing it away.It is easy to find a way to solve the problem, but it helps to cultivate our mind.
Carefulness and calmness can only maintain a peaceful state of mind, and only a peaceful state of mind can let us see a better side of life. The elderly remember the heart and mind, and the heart is insulted. Once the mind is completely chaotic, the breath will not be disordered.If you don’t go well, your body function will drop rapidly, and the disease will come in. The meditation is that we should be in a state of turmoil in the world. So, calm and calm, it is difficult for the outside world to invade our body.Good-heartedness is the soul of the spirit. Rejuvenation is actually a process of continuous purification. When we apply goodwill to others, we also cultivate our minds and let us not be affected by bad attitudes.
Qingxin Yangde Life can make us tempted fame and fortune = there are countless things, if we don’t have a clean heart, it will inevitably not be affected by these foreign objects, raising our hearts and raising our morality, when we face materialistic desiresAt that time, Degao can be quiet, and only Qingxin can address these things for us to interfere, temptation, change our minds for a quiet, self-cultivation, each person can bring real health to a few points, have a healthy body,Choose a healthy and original diet, choose a healthy lifestyle, and regard 鈥渟upporting鈥?as a respect for life, nourish your heart, calm your mind, and calm your nerves.
With a calm heart to face everything in the world, to raise the heart first, to better integrate the body, and then to achieve the goal of raising the heart + health, to achieve “nurturing heart + health = health”

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