Three ways to strengthen the back muscles

Three ways to strengthen the back muscles

Prone swivel leaning forward Prone swivel leaning forward focuses on strengthening the side lumbar and back muscles.

  On the prone cushion, soft-faced stool or special equipment, the reorganization department is fixed, and the hands are crossed to support the head, and the hips are vacated above the hips.

The upper body is bent forward to a possible position to fully incline the lumbar muscle group. Inhale, the unilateral lumbar muscle group lifts upwards and at the same time tries to turn the upper body to the possible position. The amplitude of the upper body rotation is aboutIt’s 90 degrees.

Lift your head to tighten the target body muscles completely for a while.

Exhale, control the rhythm of movement with the target muscle group, and slowly return.

Then lift the upper body to the opposite side.

Usually, one exercise is performed on each of the left and right sides. When you can complete more than 15 times in a row, you can exercise by holding the weight and placing your head.

From the perspective of efficiency and safety, don’t move too fast when you lie on your stomach, it is best to lift your upper body for about 2 seconds, and bend down for 2-3 seconds.

  Turning over and bending over Turning over and bending over is a derivative action of bending over and bending over, just like bending over and turning over, it also focuses on the back muscles.

  The opponent assists with the weight on the back of the neck (barbell, dumbbells, bells or other suitable weights), with the feet slightly wider than the shoulders, the knees slightly bent, the chest closed, the waist tightened, the chin raised slightly, and the body maintains a certain
With the waist as the axis, first turn the rotating body 90 degrees, and then lean forward to the back until the back is parallel or nearly parallel to the ground (down to the point where it can no longer bend), stop slightly, and lift the original route.

After the action is in place, the mind is more focused on the target muscle, and the contraction of the target muscle group on the back is deliberately strengthened, and then slowly returns to the center.

Do the same to the other side.

Breathing can be performed in stages, that is, turning to inhale, forward squeezing, raising to inhale, and turning back to exhale.

During the movement, both feet should remain stable at all times, and must not be ground and moved with the movement of the body.

In the first practice, when turning and leaning over, the center of gravity is easy to lose balance when turning 90 degrees after turning down. At this time, you can move the center of gravity to ensure smooth and safe movement.

  Left and right swivel deadlifts Left and right swivel deadlifts are a derivative of deadlifting deadlifts and have roughly the same functions as the above.

  Protrude with both feet about shoulder width; hold the barbell with both hands in front and back, straighten your chest and abdomen.

Keep your feet stable, twist the turns with the waist overlapping, turn around 90 degrees or stop a bit when you ca n’t turn anymore. Slowly lower the instrument under the control of the contralateral lumbar muscle group until the back is parallel to the ground, close to parallel or unableWhen you bend down again, fully experience the feeling of the ipsilateral back muscles being squeezed and the contralateral lumbar muscles being pulled, then focus on the contralateral lumbar muscles to contract and force, and slowly follow the original curveLift the upper body to straight or slightly flex to the opposite side, deliberately tighten for a while, slowly turn back to the center with the waist as the axis, pause slightly, turn to the other side, and repeat the pitching exercise.

Breathing method can refer to turning and bending over.

During the whole process, the arm should always be kept straight and not actively exerting force.

The target muscle of the action is the lumbar side back muscle, so when the geometry is bent, the back can not be arched, so as to avoid the transfer of the force point.

  All weight-revolving movements must pay attention to the acceleration during the exercise, otherwise it will cause sports injuries.

The above exercises have certain practice skills, and you can adapt to more exercises.

The frequency of lower back exercises should not be too high, usually 1-2 times a week.

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