Self-rescue of office workers’ overwork crisis


Self-rescue of office workers’ overwork crisis

Although there is nothing to do at hand, even today there is a very important date, even complaining about reworking overtime family.

. Because it is the best choice to believe in the workplace, only the boss is the best choice, some professionals still choose to stay.The robes became a group of “unhelpful overtime workers.”

Being forced to work overtime has become a permanent pain in the white-collar workers’ workplace.

The helpless overtime company is preparing to go public, and it’s too busy.

The boss clearly stated that everyone must work overtime.

The boss set an example and Cindy could do nothing.

It is really tiring to work overloaded every day. The key is that her husband suspects that she is off work late, and her good temper is “stubborn”.

Occasionally I want to take time off, but I can see that my colleagues are sitting honestly, and they seem to be leaving early.

It is hard to tell the face of the boss when he is on leave.

Overtime complaints 1.

Heavy work makes the body of the tired people unable to adjust;

There is a serious conflict between work and life, and the disappointment of family members adds to the psychological burden of overtime;

The boss did not give a good psychological comfort, and the hard-lined people demanded resistance.

Solution: Seeking multi-faceted balance In fact, Cindy is not very disgusted with overtime. In the company’s rapid growth period, overtime is still very beneficial to her personal development.

It was only the family’s refusal to make her embarrassed, and her boss’s tough attitude made her aggrieved.

How to find a balance between work and life?

It is advisable to listen to expert advice.

It is best for the family to talk to them openly and honestly, and to tell the family about the current development of the company and the hard work of overtime.

Don’t be tweaked, be generous and sincere, and believe that your family also hopes that your career will be smooth, but you must be sincere to say that you will be compensated whenever you have a chance.

Coping with the boss advises you not to “create a second time”. You must not only make occasional occasions. Sincerely say your reasons and say that the work of the day will not be delayed. Afterwards, you will have to work harder, even if you want to do it for the leaders.Let him feel that your leave is valuable.

If you want to get a “humanistic care” from your boss, you don’t hinder the establishment of a small alliance among your colleagues. After the overtime, you will invite the leaders to spend the night together. Give the boss some nice language and give you a half-joking joke.purpose.

The IQ of the boss is not lower than you, and such a “banquet” will make him aware of it.

Win the recognition of the business and win the approval of the boss.

As long as the subordinates do their job well, they will naturally get the weight.

Emotionally win the resonance of the boss.

Overworked overtime, the boss may be more tired, even if it is superficial to give the boss some understanding, simple greetings, eating nightingales, etc., let him feel that employees are willing to fight with him, spiritual strength is very important.

Inspire potential: The pressure of overtime is also the driving force, just to achieve self-value sublimation.

Life is so fragile, and endless work overtime and night, the unbearable pressure burden is eroding it a little bit.

Stay away from overwork, for yourself and for your family, start by reading the three tabs below.

Perfect people who work overtime, you have to buy a car, you have to give a house, you have to go abroad, you have to go to an EMBA, you have to beat your opponent, you have to spend, you have to be a sign of success in your career; you have money and power, butI only know that consumption is not known for maintenance; you have a sense of professionalism and are called “workaholics”; you always work continuously, often work overtime and night; you work irregular hours, lack of sleep; your self-expectation is high, and it is easy to be nervous; you almostThere are no leisure activities and personal hobbies.


If you are such a person, then do you find yourself having the following symptoms?

Escape from such symptoms is less than 30 years old, you have begun to forget the names of acquaintances; you often regret, irritability, irritability, pessimism; you sleep shorter and shorter, wake up is not relieved; you often have headaches, tinnitus,Dazzling, the inspection has no results; you know that this situation is very bad, but you always want to go over and want to wait until the business is stable before going to rest.


Such symptoms are already alerting you to your health – you are already in a state of overwork.

Starting such an artificial body is like a “spring”, and fatigue is an “external force.”

When the fatigue exceeds the limit or the duration is too long, the spring of the body will be permanently deformed, leading to aging, collapse, and death, so everyone should carefully maintain its elasticity and not exceed its elastic limit.
Therefore, proper rest and decompression is a good way to maintain “elasticity.”
The essential medical research of self-protection shows that the main threat to human health and life is preventable and early detection. One of the feasible means is self-care.

The world’s highest health problems and the problems that lead to early death can be prevented by developing good habits.

This is no smoking, less alcohol, a balanced diet, exercise, and maintain a psychological balance.

The combination of work and rest increases the tolerance of “tired” disease without specific drugs. The longer the course of the disease, the more difficult it is to treat. If the course of disease is more than three or four years, the treatment will be quite difficult.

The combination of work and rest can improve the endurance and maintain a strong vitality.

People must learn to regulate life, travel short distances, browse places of interest, climb mountains, broaden their horizons, breathe fresh air, increase mental energy, sneak in music, dance, sing, watch flowers and birds, and alleviate fatigue and let nervous nervesAn effective method of obtaining relaxation is also a good medicine for preventing fatigue.

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