Garlic life is the most healthy eating method of treasure


Garlic “life” is the most healthy eating method of treasure

Garlic, garlic, green garlic, garlic, these four things, it sounds like it looks very big, in fact, it is only the various stages of garlic’s life.

The growth process of garlic can be divided into three stages: germination stage, harvest stage, bud flower bud differentiation stage, garlic stalk extension period, bulb expansion period and dormancy period. Among them, garlic seedlings, green garlic, garlic scorpion harvest and garlic are garlic growth.Different stages or different parts.

Garlic seedlings are the fine seedlings of garlic, that is, garlic plants in early childhood.

The harvested garlic seedlings do not include roots and pseudo stems, and the upper stems and leaves can grow all the time, and can be harvested one after another, cut and long.

Because the garlic is relatively tender, the spicy taste is weaker than the garlic head, and it is even widely accepted and used as a vegetable rather than a condiment.

Although the garlic is not very spicy, but after all, it is still garlic. If you eat too much, you will still feel that garlic and garlic are indeed one.

Fried garlic and fried garlic with garlic are popular.

Green garlic refers to the whole plant of garlic plants in the flower bud and bud differentiation stage, including garlic leaves and obvious pseudo stems. The pseudo stem is the white garlic part we saw.

The garlic and garlic fiber of this period has not yet aged, it is edible, and the pseudo stem can also be used.

If you eat vegetables, it is similar to garlic, but the whole plant is caused to be large, sometimes called garlic.

At this time, the plants are similar to the green onions. They can be used as substitutes for green onions. They are used to make green garlic and pork, and dried garlic and dried beans.

Even with green garlic and garlic, I think they are similar and there is no need to distinguish them carefully.

Garlic, often mistakenly written “garlic moss”, garlic is delicious but difficult to write.

After simmering garlic, there is garlic stalk. After the garlic plant is mature, the flower stalk is the garlic stalk, which is divided into two parts: the stalk and the stalk.

Garlic clams in the water, or directly cut into sections, you can do a variety of cold salad, the color is white and green, it tastes crisp and delicious, garlic and fried bacon is very classic.

The white part is tenderer, the green part of the garlic tip is a bit old, and can be removed when cooking.

Garlic, usually referred to as garlic, is the underground bulb part of garlic.

After the garlic is harvested, the garlic enters the bulb expansion period. After the expansion period, the mature bulb is the garlic, which is dried after harvesting for convenient storage.

The harvested garlic will enter a physiological dormancy period and generally last for 60 days.

The garlic we buy is the garlic that handles dormancy.

Garlic is usually used as an ingredient. It can be steamed pork with garlic cloves, braised fish with garlic cloves, etc. It can also be marinated with sweet and sour garlic and other foods.

The garlic placed in the water tray slowly sprouted and grew out of garlic. The life of the garlic was unhurriedly unfolded.

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