Fitness Weight Loss Effectiveness-Extreme Barbell Exercise

Fitness Weight Loss Effectiveness-Extreme Barbell Exercise

Fitness Weight Loss Effectiveness-Extreme Barbell Exercise Under the highly motivated coach and strong rhythm music, the practitioners use the barbell to perform the main course of barbell combination exercises suitable for their group regardless of their level.

For example: bench press, flexed arm lift, lunge squat, etc., to quickly strengthen muscle strength, increase bone density, increase immunity, consume aunt, bodybuilding.

This is the ultimate barbell exercise.

  Advantages: 1.

Enhance cardiopulmonary function; 2.

2. Improve human muscle strength, muscle endurance and tendon tension; 3.

Increase bone density; 4.

Promote muscle balance and stability; 5.

Significant effect of reducing fat and shaping; 6.

Improve human hormones and metabolism, prevent osteoporosis and improve human immunity; 7.

Unleash passion and relieve stress; when it comes to barbells, people will think of weightlifting and think that it is a dangerous obstacle. In fact, there is a similar purpose.

Although extreme barbell exercise is a strength-type fitness program, it is a very interesting sport, and it is a beloved item in the fitness club now.

  This set of extreme barbell exercises is mainly a systematic exercise for our whole body.

At the beginning of learning, we can choose the way to warm up, mainly to exercise large muscle groups first, and then exercise small muscle groups.

This way, the effect will be better.

It allows you to experience a relatively fast weight-loss exercise. The use of barbells in combination with aerobics and music improves the fitness effect and shapes the attractive body shape, which can make your body fully relaxed. The principle of weight-loss is mainly through proper weight and continuous physical exerciseComing up with energy, exciting music, strong will and loud shouts.

  Many exercises of extreme barbell exercises are done in postures.This way, the weight of muscle tissue in many parts of the body is weighted and repeated exercises to strengthen metabolism. Its main role is to shape muscle shape and enhance muscle strength, attenuation and bone mass.density.

Relevant research and surveys have shown that two-way extreme barbell training classes consume an average of 556 calories for men and 390 calories for women.

  It can not only speed up the metabolism of the practitioners, burn young people quickly, but also reduce stress, exercise endurance, improve self-confidence, refresh your spirit and keep you in a good mental state.

  Extreme Barbell Exercise uses a standardized training method and performs a series of free weight-bearing exercises to allow trainers to gain more passion from crowd barbell training.

What’s more important is that many women practice together, they can motivate each other, drive each other, and compete with each other to achieve a quantity and quality that cannot be achieved by one person.

When each action lasts for 3 to 4 minutes, it is more effective for women who want to lose weight and shape.

  Basic information: 1.

Wear a tight fit so that there is no impact on movement due to loose clothing. Wear comfortable and soft-soled sneakers under your feet; 2.

2. Make movements according to the rhythm of music, and use music as the standard for speed of movement; 3.

3. Do not fully straighten the joints during exercise, provide a cushion for your body, the exercise effect will be better; 4.

It is necessary to grasp the amount of exercise according to your own situation, not to be too reluctant, to stop in time if you ca n’t keep up, and to take the standard action in accordance with the requirements to complete the action with quality so as not to be injured.

  Extreme Barbell Exercise Class Setting: A.

Professional ethics of fitness coaches; B.

Basic theory of skeletal muscle and sports injury; C.

Explanation of basic movements (professional terms such as squats, bench presses, and leaning rowing); D.

Nine sections of the classroom carding; E.

Physical fitness and strength training; F.

Use of technical terms; G.

Analysis and selection of music; H.

Barbell classroom arrangement and grasp (inertia transfer, etc.); I.

Barbell coach classroom image and personality molding;

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