Mildew chopsticks can induce liver cancer

Mildew chopsticks can induce liver cancer

In dining establishments, most people prefer to use disposable chopsticks, which is considered more hygienic than the chopsticks in the sterilizer.

As you can know, disposable chopsticks should also have a shelf life, often using expired disposable chopsticks, which may induce cancer.

  Disposable chopsticks should have a shelf life investigation and found that the production standards for disposable chopsticks by the relevant departments are only mentioned in the documents issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in 2005, and require “the name of the manufacturer, the site, the date of manufacture, and the quality of the product.The date and performance standards are marked, but the warranty period is not clearly defined.

It is understood that because the disposable chopsticks replace the QS (quality and safety) system of the AQSIQ, and most of them are small workshops that are not registered, it is difficult to supervise.

  Experts say that from a medical point of view, the materials used to make chopsticks are usually bamboo and wood, which are piled up. If they are not sealed, it is easy to breed mold.

“In general, the shelf life will not exceed six months.

“The use of mildew chopsticks will induce liver cancer. According to experts, disposable chopsticks will breed a variety of molds for a long time. If you use mildewed disposable chopsticks for a long time, lighter ones may cause digestive diseases such as infectious diarrhea and vomiting.

Severely moldy chopsticks will breed “aflatoxin”, a substance that has been widely found to induce liver cancer.

  Experts also reminded that a large number of people like to put chopsticks in the soup of the noodles when they eat noodles, but the sterilization effect is actually very limited.

Chopsticks can only be cooked in boiling water at 100 °C for more than 5 minutes to achieve the desired bactericidal effect. The ideal sterilization method is to use a high temperature sterilizer.

  In addition, household chopsticks are more susceptible to deterioration than disposable chopsticks.

Household chopsticks are frequently used and washed with water for a long time, resulting in a particularly high accumulation of chopsticks, which can easily become a hotbed of bacterial growth, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and the like.

Long-term placement of chopsticks in the cabinet may increase the chances of chopsticks deterioration by more than five times.

First of all, chopsticks can be replaced after half a year.

  Expiration of chopsticks. If there are spots on the chopsticks that are not bamboo or wood, some are even dark spots, indicating that the chopsticks are likely to have been moldy and cannot be used.

  If the chopsticks suddenly bend, or if they are bent or deformed, it means that they have been wet or have been on hold for too long. It is likely that the shelf life has passed.

  Smell, if there is obvious acidity, it is a sign of pollution or expiration, and can not be used.

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