Be careful and sulking will make you long life

Be careful and sulking will make you “long life”

As the saying goes, “The tree is old and afraid of the wind, people are afraid of being angry”, meaning that anger is the natural enemy of longevity.
On March 10th, a study by Harvard University in the United States showed that people with temper may induce diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage, heart disease, and myocardial infarction, which is especially dangerous for elderly people who are not very good at the body.
At the same time, another study pointed out that sulking is also a major bane of “life-saving”, and it is even more damaging to the body.
American scientists say that those who are unwilling to vent their dissatisfaction or who like to suppress anger are not good at heart, immune function is declining, and brain hormones are also changing, so those who are not angry can hardly live longer.
銆€銆€”In fact, losing your temper and sulking are not good for your body and mind.
In an interview with the reporter of “Life Times”, Xi Ying, a psychologist at Beijing Anding Hospital, said that people who are irritable and irritable are prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and those who are willing to swallow are prone to cancer.
銆€銆€”Chinese old people are more inclined to sulking.
“West handsome said.
Old people are easily affected by negative emotions. There are more negative emotions such as loneliness and low self-esteem. Coupled with their strong sense of “self-suffering and thinking for future generations”, they often suppress negative emotions.
銆€銆€Anger is like a flood, and it is not as good as blocking it.
“Children are busy again and have to take time to ask for help, to care for their parents’ bodies and to share their emotions.
“Western handsome suggested that “the elderly should learn to adjust themselves, and when they are angry, they must find channels to properly express.”
For example, you can participate in community activities, develop hobbies, and prevent bad moods from coming to your door.
Secondly, if you encounter problems, you should communicate in time and kill the anger in the cradle.
In addition, if it is really impossible to contain the gas, you can use the “humorous temper method”, such as the elderly help the children to do housework, and the children leave after eating, the old man is certainly not feeling well.
At this time, the old man can say “Leader, my waiter is ill today, can I take a vacation?”
“This way, not only to pass on their dissatisfaction, let the children realize that they are not right, and did not hurt them.”

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