When will teens say goodbye to Internet addiction?

When will teens say goodbye to Internet addiction?

Huang Ailing, a professor at the Department of Psychology of Fujian Normal University’s School of Education Science and Technology, who has been serving in the Cangshan Youth Psychological Counseling Center for a long time, told reporters yesterday that in the past few years, at least 10% of the patients who went to Cangshan Youth Psychological Counseling CenterMore than one is a parent of a middle school student with internet addiction.

Once middle school students become addicted to the Internet, it is difficult to get rid of addiction. The lightest ones completely lose their studies, the serious ones have mental illnesses, and even some, and they also embark on a criminal path to prepare themselves for the Internet.

Over the years, the number of Internet addicts seeking medical treatment has increased month by month.

  According to the analysis of the Cangshan Youth Psychological Counseling Center, there are three types of middle school students who are susceptible to “Internet addiction”: (1) Those who have difficulty learning and adapting cannot experience the joy of learning success, and playing games online can provide virtual rewards and vent their learning disability.Depression from success.

(2) People with poor interpersonal relationships want to evade reality on the Internet.

(3) Parents teach their children with misunderstandings. Many parents only know how to restrict their children’s Internet access, but do not know how to divert their children’s attention to the Internet and cultivate their new hobbies.

Through investigation and analysis, the center also found that middle school students with “Internet addiction” have common personality traits such as introverted personality, personality defects, strong suspicion, careful eyes, and selfishness.

  Expert: To get rid of children from Internet addiction requires more people’s love-“You play life, and life plays you; you are not responsible for life, and life is not responsible for you.

“The Internet should be a tool, not a toy.

“” People who use computers are smart people, people who play computers are stupid people. ”

“The survey also found that” Internet addiction “middle school students have spread from poor students to academically good ones.

Most of the newly added “Internet addiction” students are two types of students: (1) students in junior high school, converted to the entrance examination to expand, increased pressure, from Internet relaxation to Internet addiction.

(2) For junior high school students, some students squeezed into key high schools, because of poor foundation and ranking in academic performance, they became addicted to Internet cafes to find spiritual comfort.

  According to the research results of the Cangshan Youth Psychological Counseling Center, there is a standard for whether the Internet is addicted.

  The first phase: “close to the addiction period”, has the following obvious characteristics: must play the Internet every day; enter the Internet cafe or go home to play online for half an hour to one hour after school; after eating at home, play online for a whileDo homework in games; there will be a little restlessness if you don’t surf the Internet every day.

  Phase 2: “Mild Addiction Period”, has the following obvious characteristics: I like playing games or chatting on the Internet very much; playing games or chatting online for about 2 hours a day; not worrying about the Internet, that is, nervous, sensitive, upsetChaos, restlessness, inattention, and loss of interest in many objects.

  The third period: “Severe addiction period”, with the following obvious characteristics: the Internet is listed as the most important and happiest thing in life; online for more than 5 hours a day; online tireless, you can not eat or sleep; not onlineSevere anxiety may occur, and some may even appear physiologically ill, such as neck and back muscle pain, thirst, dry throat, throat congestion, numbness of hands and feet, bloated hair, muscle twitching, and so on.

  Early detection and early treatment of easy addiction According to the research of Cangshan Youth Psychological Counseling Center, the treatment of “Internet addiction” is the same as the treatment of cancer. The earlier the treatment is, the better the effect will be.

Psychological treatment has the best effect when it is “close to the addiction phase”, and the treatment success rate reaches more than 80%. The psychological success rate is much lower when the “mild addiction phase” is started. However, the psychological severity of the “severe addiction phase” begins.The treatment was basically unsuccessful.

  Several psychologists have suggested that parents should carefully observe their children. Once they find that their children are addicted to the Internet, they should be treated in time to avoid the best treatment period. Don’t be lucky and think that their children are sensible and will not addicted to the Internet and ignore it.Timely treatment; if parents do not know how to get rid of addiction, they should get in touch with a psychologist in time to help their child get rid of addiction according to their instructions, or take the child directly for treatment.

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