Sudden darkening of the skin may be a chronic disease

Sudden darkening of the skin may be a chronic disease

The color and luster of the skin can reflect the health status of the internal organs and are a barometer of physical health.

Therefore, if the skin becomes dark or “white” for unknown reasons in the wound, care should be taken to exclude some systemic factors and even diseases.

  The causes of blackening are: 1.

Sleep and mental condition: Frequently stay up late, skin slack, dark circles, dark spots, long-term mental stress, depression and other bad emotions can also cause dark skin and dark spots.


Endocrine factors: pregnancy, irregular menstruation and other alternating epidermal melanin synthesis increase, resulting in pigmentation.


Chronic diseases: Chronic infections, tumors, liver and kidney diseases, and other chronic diseases can cause skin pigmentation changes.

The liver is the body’s metabolic organ. Metabolites are excreted through the kidney. Once liver or kidney insufficiency occurs, it will affect the metabolism of the whole body. Toxins cannot be excreted in time, and the skin will become dull.


Drug factors: Long-term use of certain antibiotics, painkillers, lipid-containing preparations or exposure to tars can cause skin pigmentation changes.


Poor eating: Poor eating habits can cause skin pigmentation.

If someone does not like to eat vegetables, the vitamin deficiency in the body will cause skin pigmentation.

Some people eat 1 kg of oranges a day and their skin turns yellow.

  For patients who become “white”, if they are accompanied by fatigue and loss of appetite, especially women, consider the possibility of anemia.

In addition, some people do not expose to the sun for the sake of beauty. As a result, 7-dehydrogen free radicals in the skin are prevented from being converted into active vitamin D3, which affects the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and can cause osteoporosis.

In addition, if not exposed to the sun for a long time, the formation of melanin in the skin will be reduced, the skin’s ability to resist ultraviolet rays will be weakened, the skin will be vulnerable to sunburn, and the incidence of skin tumors will increase.

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