How is your popularity?

May wish to test

How is your popularity?
May wish to test

The quiz begins: shape your right hand, look at your five fingers, which one is the most satisfactory to you?

  A, choose person B with index finger, choose person C with ring finger, choose person D with thumb, choose person E with middle finger, choose person A with little finger, you are quite good to your friends, even with two swordsCharacters.

But sometimes you are too sensitive, even a little nervous, a little bit of wind or a friend’s invisible sentence, you think it is related to you, and it makes you quite care.

Let your friends know you and try to make life more humorous, you will have more good friends.

  Choose B, you can easily become a stranger and become a good friend who talks about everything.

It ‘s just that you are more and more familiar with each other, and you will lose more and more distinction, and you can’t distinguish the boundaries between friends.

You may regard him as a good friend in your heart, and you can find him directly if you have any difficulties; but the other party feels that you are getting more and more annoying, and even think that you like to give him impetus.

  Choose C, your personality is too outspoken, and you are too haughty about yourself.

You also often take the lead role in groups. Over time, it is easy to make you feel that you are very self-employed, and you are all about yourself, and they are almost afraid to speak.

The improvement method is actually very simple. Sometimes you listen to the opinions of others, so that he will be treated with respect. I believe that your popularity will be even higher.

  Choose D, in fact you have always been a very popular person.

It’s just that sometimes your mouth is too poisonous, so that someone can’t stand it or even feels resentful.

It is because you are too indifferent to such a situation. You will not take the initiative to communicate and regret it.

In fact, humor is not the same as ridicule. Although your motivation is just to attract attention, it is believed that the effect will be better in a non-harmful way.

  If you choose E, you shouldn’t be badly connected, but you have too few friends.

Actually this has a lot to do with your personality.

Your attitude towards making friends is more random and less positive. The bladder is often the number one expression. You do n’t like to explain when you encounter problems. Naturally, you do n’t have many friends.

It is suggested that you can specialize in this talent and show yourself in a timely manner, even if you do not take the initiative, you can attract people who are dragging Ku to be friends with you.

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