Test if you will be eliminated

Test if you will be eliminated

Facing the changing workplace, are you a smart and capable person?

Can you capture the potential?

Can you be strong?

Are you appreciated by the boss?

have a test.

  Translation 1.

Is your ability to be your character in your job position?


Are you a professional and serious person?


Do you work well with your work team?


Your boss is an uncritical person. Does he or she have a good attitude towards you?


Do you get along well with your boss?


What if you have been invited to a discussion of a major decision before, but are you still invited now?


Do key people in your company still ask for your opinion?


Does your company train you for a better position and know that you are the next candidate, and are they the ones who eventually appointed you to this position?


If you think about it, have there been any personnel changes recently?

Do you belong to the new leader?


Your boss tells the staff that he welcomes comments.

But is he welcome your suggestion?


Good errands are always assigned to other people. Every time you have a challenging task, you are clearly a business leader, and you are always assigned to others. Instead, you will be a low-level job in the department?


None of the leaders revealed the news to you, but when they saw you, they were still a bit mysterious, and even detoured?


In the past, you were always praised for your excellent work, but now, whenever you complete a project, will you be told that it has not achieved the desired results?


Are you no longer having fun with your work, and have you revealed it to others?


Do you belong to someone who secretly chats at work and often loves leave?

In the company, do you belong to the kind of person who “just pulls his head down and does not look up the road”?


You are an elite, there are too many people who are terribly jealous around you. Are there any people who have a close relationship with you?

  18 years old

You kept putting forward suggestions for improvement in this department. As a result, did your opinions sink to the sea?

The company adjusted its salary. Do you think your performance is good, but did not raise your salary. Have you ever complained?


In your office, are there any office men who specialize in “black tunnels”?

  Rating: 1?
10 points for answering “yes” and 0 points for answering “no”; 11?
20 points for “Yes” and 0 points for “No”.

Then calculate the total score.

  Analysis of results: total score at 0?
7 points: Explain that your workplace situation is very dangerous and it is likely to be fired. It is your wise choice to plan ahead.

But if you don’t correct your problem, it is very dangerous.

  Total score at 8?
14 points: Explain that you are in the midst of ambiguity, and there are dangers. Maybe there is room for you to stay, but you must reflect well, learn lessons, and deal with the disadvantages of your work early.

  Total score at 15?
20 points: It means that you are not in danger for the time being, but in the face of the changing workplace, you should not take it lightly. You must be solid in your career and sit in front of you. The golden rice bowl is the one who holds you.

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