The Master Key to get along with various people

The “Master Key” to get along with various people

Being able to get along with people can make you take less detours and succeed early.
In fact, for everyone to succeed, it is not enough to have a strong working ability. You must walk on two legs. You must work hard to do your own work and deal with interpersonal relationships.
  In fact, due to differences in family background, education, hobbies, and concepts, the people we meet are diverse and diverse.
If you understand that the other person belongs to the earliest type of person, take the appropriate measures, act on the occasion, and communicate more easily.
Harvard’s Smith Professor of Public Relations summarizes the various types of dealing with various people: selfless good person: Because these people are indeed the kindest people in the world, they are often easy to be ignored, they will not be badYour business, so you may also ignore or take them seriously.
If that’s the case, you are wrong. In fact, they are friends you can get along with.
The argument that there is no friendship in the office will only lose its meaning in these people.
  Stubborn opinion: These people have stale general ideas and aging ideas, but they firmly resist external suggestions and opinions. They are self-serving and self-righteous.
It is difficult to persuade such a person to rely on your three-inch tongue.
You may wish to go straight forward, enlarging and enumerating some of the wrong practices in his work and life, and then combining the problems that need to be solved to remind him of the serious consequences.
In this way, even if he resists you in person, his heart starts to shake, doubting the correctness of his decision.
At this time, you take the opportunity to put forward your views, be emotional, and understand reason, then the possibility of his acceptance is mostly.
  Pride and rudeness: This kind of person is generally self-centered, arrogant, and often poses as a domineering man with a solemn attitude and lacks self-knowledge.
When dealing with or working with this kind of person, you must not be inferior or arrogant. You only need to talk long and concisely explain what needs to be done.
If you ask him to do something, then it is another matter.
  No expression: This kind of person, even if you say hello to him, he will not respond accordingly.
Called expressionless in psychology.
No expression does not mean that he is not happy.
It’s just that such people suppress their passion and don’t show it.
So, for this kind of person, you don’t need to be angry, just continue to say what you want to say, when it comes to the critical moment, he will naturally use words to represent the expression.
  Silent: This person is generally introverted, uncommunicative and verbal.
But that doesn’t mean he has nothing to say.
With him, you need to slow down the conversation and tap into topics.
As soon as he talks about what he is good at or interested in, he will immediately “thaw” and talk to you endlessly.
  Selfishness type: 型 This kind of person generally lacks caring and lonely.
He always puts himself and his interests first.
If you want him to do something unfavorable to yourself, then it will be difficult for you to communicate with him.
To get along with this kind of person, you must pay attention to him from the heart, and let him feel the warmth and preciousness of emotions.
  Diffuse life: 人 This kind of person lacks ideal and positive heart, is lazy in life, and lacks passion in work.
To get along with this kind of person, you can only excavate his fighting spirit with the radical method.
  Concealed: This kind of person has a strong self-defense mentality.
I’m afraid you can peep into his secrets. In fact, this is a very low self-esteem.
If you want to understand his character and psychology, you might as well sit with him and drink a few more times, let him spit out the truth.
  Slow-moving type: This person generally thinks slowly and is unresponsive.
You can be friends with him. Working with him is not your ideal partner.
  Sloppy decision-making: At first glance, this kind of person seems to be agile, often when the negotiation reaches a climax, they suddenly make a decision, lack of foresight, and it is easy to make wrong judgments.
The best way to get along with him is to always pour cold water on him, to keep him sober-headed, and to refrain from making hasty decisions with affection.
  Overly confused: This kind of person is a little schizophrenic, not paying attention when doing things, having poor memory, and not enough understanding.Such people are just like slow-moving people and are not ideal partners.

But making friends, such people are very popular.

Look casual, generous.

  Housewife type: women other than typical people, some men are also “women”.

Such people, as soon as they enter the office, talk to the people in the office about what happened at home from last night until this morning.

If there is really nothing to say, I will repeat the TV series from last night with you.

There is nothing in the unit that they do not know. Zhang’s parents, the Li family, are short, trying to do work, and they are not idle.

When they meet a separate benefit or something, they will try their best to move closer to themselves.

This kind of person makes you upset. When you are in a bad mood, hearing them buzzing in your ears may make you hate and yell at you for a while.

However, you must not get angry. Such people, you should take less of them, you should not hear what he said.

Such people are less likely to say bad things about you when they are critical, and may say good things about you because they are more sympathetic.

  Playing tricks: This person is qualitatively different from the former type of person.

They may not want to sit idle.

But it is everywhere to listen to the wealth of the people around, and is willing to create, spread some rumors, trying to get something out of it.

Moreover, in their hearts, no one is talking about them (except the boss), and they have nothing special in themselves.

Such people make you hate, but they are not terrible.

Therefore, you don’t need to care about them like you are the enemy.

As long as the ideas they say are not slanderous, what can hurt you.

  Bullying newcomers: This kind of person’s thinking actually has some in each of us.

They treat new arrivals, regardless of gender and age, and have a long time to cause you to take it seriously, and instruct you to do this and that, it is all “live”.

Such people are not really bad people. At most they are “little citizens” of low quality. As long as they don’t do too much, I advise you to put up with it. After the strike, they will naturally accept you.

However, if you are unwilling to tolerate, or do not have such continuous patience, you will not prevent the opportunity to rise up and fight back against them once or twice.

This kind of person is generally a bully who is afraid of toughness. As long as you fight back, chances are they will not dare to treat you again, and their spearhead will soon point to the next newcomer.

  Weird character: Most of these people are born with a lot of genetic factors in them, but they are not snobbish, and they don’t want to mingle with others.

You may somehow “encounter” conflict with them, but don’t remember to hate them.

They usually just pass by, and they will still treat you as before, so do n’t try to change anything, of course, they do n’t want to change anything.

For such people, be careful not to engage in deep interactions, or to have excessive behaviors and language towards them.

  Insolent and arrogant: No one looks down on this kind of people, including their own boss.

Everywhere they want to be different and superior to others, they know the astronomy, the geography, and the knowledge or anecdotes that they just read in the newspaper, they will show off their knowledge in public.

In fact, such people have deep inferiority. Most of them are short-sighted people and have never seen anything big.

For such a person, you don’t need to care about it, he likes to brag about himself, then let him go.

Even if he degrades you, you should not compete with them. Why bother with others who are not on the same level?

  Insidious and wicked: This kind of talent is the one you should get the most attention from.

There are not many of them, but they are found in almost every group.

Moreover, it is impossible for such a person to discover their wickedness without working with him for a certain period of time.

They appear in the opposite direction.

When you first came into contact with them, they were very enthusiastic and proactive, and they would actively solve some small difficulties for you, and thoughtfully for you, and also showed that they really look to help you, and objectively can also make you goodEffect.

But here’s a reason, you can’t violate their interests.

You violated a little, they can tolerate it, and even they will sacrifice some small benefits by themselves, a certain amount of money, a certain amount of time, but when it matters, you must not take advantage of them.Must not walk in front of them, some promotion, salary increase, etc.

Otherwise, they will immediately pull down their faces and fight with you for your life.  Such people are difficult to deal with, because they generally have already obtained the trust of their superiors in their false appearance. If you do not have strong strength, you can never fight with them.

If you find such people, it is better to provoke them less, but stay away from them, because they are the real “little people”, “close is not inferior, far away is resentful.”

The best way is to be more confused when working with them so that they look down on you and feel that you pose no threat to them.

If you really want to fight with them, you must reflect their evil deeds to higher level leaders (because the direct leaders have been caught in their hands, the boss trusts them more than you, and the less-qualified boss stillMay pass your words into their ears), and at the same time be prepared to leave them as soon as they fail.

However, your loss may be greater in this way, but this is always stronger than you spend with them, because you absolutely can not consume them.

What type of person is the right medicine, see the opportunity to act, it is easier to communicate.

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