Look at the seventy-two changes in white rice

Look at the seventy-two changes in white rice

If there is one thing in this world that is hard to eat, there is only rice.

The steam is simmering, and the rice is fragrant.

Steam, cook, stir-fry, stew, fish, soup, and everything.

But in the summer, this rice seems to be “chicken ribs”. The sultry weather makes people lose a lot of appetite.

  In fact, the big guys don’t have to worry about having no appetite for eating in the summer, just write more articles on the rice and think about more tricks.

Take a look at these rice-made dishes, snacks, snacks and desserts, one by one, with different colors and different colors.

It seems that with more care, ordinary white rice can also change in seventy-two.

  Rice dim sum series, the raw materials are rice flour or glutinous rice flour and pasta or paste, with various fillings, but due to the decomposition of raw materials, steaming, baking and other methods, the styles are ever-changing.

  Coconut rolls look like banana cakes, but they are green.

The outer skin is made by stirring rice flour with gerani juice and frying in a pan. The filling inside is made with coconut syrup and Indonesian coconut sugar.

The outer layer is delicate and smooth, and the inner filling is fragrant, sweet but not greasy.

  Nine-layer cake is a very special dessert. The most worth mentioning is that it needs to be basketed and steamed nine times.

The method is to use eggs, rice noodles, rice milk, coconut milk and then mix with natural flavoring pigments. Pour a thin layer in the container, steam it in a basket, remove it and pour it into a layer of rice milk.The fire went up and steamed nine times.

Due to the use of different natural flavor pigments, each layer of rice milk has a different color after steaming, and the workmanship is complex, but it looks beautiful.

When you eat it, you have to tear it layer by layer. The taste is very potential and the fragrance is slightly sweet.

  Pearl glutinous rice balls Pearl balls are a typical case of using rice to make dishes. They are made with glutinous rice and pork or other fillings. The idea should be traditional dumplings, but the balls in this dish are much larger.

The method of this dim sum is very simple. Wrap the lean meat with rice, lumps into balls, slide in the basket and steam for 20 minutes.

The finished glutinous rice balls are round and white, and the rice grains are wrapped around the outside. It looks like a full of pearls, which can be used as a dish or a staple food.

  Glutinous rice intestine is similar to glutinous rice lotus root in the same way. It is filled with glutinous rice into a kind of food that can be used as a container. The large intestine in the front, the lotus root in the back, steamed in a basket drawer and sliced.

  Method: Mix glutinous rice and mung beans with some coriander powder, stir well and stuff it into the pig’s large intestine, steam it and slice it.

Wrap the glutinous rice large intestine slices with corn flour and fry, and dip in sweet and spicy sauce when eating.

The form is chic and the way of eating is chic, very creative.

  Swiss cake is a brown diamond snack, made from sticky rice flour imported from Thailand, tapioca flour and clear flour.

Sticky rice noodle is a special kind of glutinous rice noodle. It is soft and fragrant, very delicious, and it is a kind of snack with unique Southeast Asian characteristics.

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