Don’t raise your head when playing badminton

Don’t raise your head when playing badminton

Spring is here, and more people are playing badminton.

But for those who do not exercise regularly, especially for long-term desk work, it is best not to jerk up when playing badminton.

  When playing badminton, raising your head is a common action when jumping up and back.

In doing this, “the neck extension angle increases due to bending. Unless the load is readjusted to increase, a little carelessness may cause some damage to this and insertion.

“Therefore, when you play at a close range, the ball is over your head. Do not raise your head violently, and catch the ball at the hip of the back arch to avoid injury.

  In fact, not only badminton, tennis, squash and other ball activities also need attention.

To avoid this kind of sports injury, we cannot ignore the warm-up activity.

  When warming up, you need to consider the neck, shoulder, and hip muscles.

Preheat the neck and shoulder muscles to perform head-to-ring movements. Do not perform this movement too fast, so that all parts of the muscles that support the cervical spine are moderately stretched.

  Stretching the back muscles is also very simple. First raise your arm, use the shoulder as the center of the circle to draw the arc downwards, exhale, then stagnate, and then draw the arc to inhale. The warm-up process is full of abductionKeep the movement wide behind you.

This effectively relaxes and stretches the hip muscles.

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