Lycium barbarum and eggs

Lycium barbarum and eggs

The function of the eye depending on everything is dependent on the vital energy of the internal organs, especially the vital energy of the liver and kidney.

Only when the liver and kidney functions are normal can the eyes get sufficient nutrition and perform normal functions.

Middle-aged and elderly people’s qi and blood are gradually declining, liver and kidney qi are deteriorating, and their eyesight cannot be glorified, and they will have blurred vision and unpredictable symptoms, which is often referred to as presbyopia.

In fact, if you can pay attention to eye health, proper diet and maintenance, vision loss can be prevented or delayed.

Here, a chicory egg custard is recommended.

  The method of wolfberry egg scooping is very simple: 20 grams of wolfberry, steamed with two eggs and then take it.

  Chinese medicine believes that Chinese wolfberry has sweetness and peace of mind, liver and kidney meridians, nourishing liver and kidney, improving eyesight, and nourishing blood.

Chinese medicine has a long history of “medlar health”, thinking that eating wolfberry can “strengthen bones, light and not old, and endure cold and heat.”

Modern pharmacological and clinical studies have proven that wolfberry has the effect of protecting and nourishing retinal tissue, restoring increased vitamin C content in retinal tissue, thereby enhancing vision.

In addition, wolfberry also has the effects of improving the body’s immunity, anti-aging, liver protection, lowering blood sugar, softening blood vessels, reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, and has certain effects on liver and diabetes in mice.

Therefore, it is often regarded as a nourishing and anti-aging medicine.

Eggs are sweet, flat, spleen, stomach meridian, can nourish blood, nourish yin, moisturize, and are used for various symptoms caused by lack of qi and blood.

  Chinese wolfberry and eggs are cooked together, and they can work synergistically to prevent and treat presbyopia in middle-aged and elderly people. It is also effective for dizziness and tears caused by liver and kidney deficiency.

There are many other medicinal dietary methods to prevent presbyopia, such as mulberry sugar, chicken liver tincture, cassia wolfberry tea, etc., all have certain effects.

If the symptoms are severe and the effect of the diet is not satisfactory, you can also take some traditional Chinese medicines that nourish the liver and kidney, and benefit the eyesight, such as Mingmu Dihuang Wan, Dendrobium Yeguang Wan, etc.

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