New anti-cancer helper for grains and grains

锘? New anti-cancer helper for grains and grains According to research, corn contains a lot of lysine, and lysine has a significant effect on the treatment of cancer. Corn also contains a large amount of plant cellulose, which can stimulate

Self-rescue of office workers’ overwork crisis

锘? Self-rescue of office workers’ overwork crisis Although there is nothing to do at hand, even today there is a very important date, even complaining about reworking overtime family. . Because it is the best choice to believe in the

Summer health care gymnastics

锘? Summer health care gymnastics Lead: Guided surgery is a routine health care gymnastics. It is a health-care method based on limb movements and breathing. Through the traditional guiding technique to exercise the heart, do not care for the body,

Surgical weight loss is what is going on –

锘? What is the surgery to lose weight? Surgical treatment of obesity, including various weight loss techniques for treating obesity and complications, can only be used as an auxiliary measure for various comprehensive weight loss therapies, but can not replace

Several seasonal reminders

锘? Several seasonal reminders Do not put the cooking oil on the stove next to the stove. The temperature is high and the oil will continue to be heated, which will decompose and deteriorate. The linoleic acid decomposed by the